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Can the National Europass Centre help me find work abroad?

Does the National Europass Centre provide information on worker mobility?

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A passport for the opportunities in Europe

On the occasion of the European Council of Lisbon in March 2000, the European Institutions, together with the Member States, established instruments to promote the free circulation of citizens, their qualifications and CVs within the European area, in order to make Europe "the most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy in the world".
One of these instruments is EUROPASS (Decision no.2241/2004/EC), a set of documents brought together in a  dossier and designed with the aim of making qualifications and competences acquired in formal, non-formal and informal learning contexts more transparent and comprehensible.
The documents currently making up the Europass package are:

  • The Europass CV and the Europass Language Passport, used to describe personal experiences and competences. These documents are filled in by the holder;
  • The Diploma Supplement and the Certificate Supplement serve to translate the contents and value of qualifications transparently, and are issued by the same institutions that issued the original certificates (schools, universities and training agencies);
  • The Europass-mobility is used to detail study experiences abroad and is issued by the National Europass Centre Italy.


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